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Insulators - Little Bells that Could

Let's talk about power! Do you really know how that light next to you or the phone charger by your bedside "gets the juice"? ————————————————————————————————— Question.....have you ever driven down the road and wondered what these little guys are? They look like little glass bells attached in a row but are somehow connected to the line.....did you know that the number of "bells" means something? If you guessed insulators, you nailed it once again you intrepid power warrior you! Often times, our role in the power world is to not only make sure you get power, but definitely to make sure that power only goes where it needs to go. It sounds simple, but trust's not. There are entire groups of electrical engineers and technicians whose sole purpose in life is to make sure the lines and people using them are protected. These little ceramic, glass, fiberglass, or polymer insulators allow the line to be supported as it snakes its way to you without dangerous power going somewhere it shouldn't. What incredible work they do to not only keep the line safe but support it too! And if you're wondering what the number of bells mean, a general rule is the higher the number of bells = the higher the voltage of that line.'s to you insulators! The silent, shiny knights of the realm whose incredible job it is to make sure power goes where it's needed and to keep the line secure. ————————————————————————————————— There's an incredible behind the curtain team of people, machines, equipment, controls, materials, maintenance, and care that go into the energy that makes it to you safely every second of every day. Be kind to those you meet who work on YOUR power! #powernerd #powerengineering #powerutilitylegends #fortisrose #letschargetogether #power #team #engineers #energy

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