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Sag, You Droopy Legend You

Let's talk about power! Do you really know how that light next to you or the phone charger by your bedside "gets the juice"?

Today I want to talk about sag. Sag is that gentle yet pronounced droop of electrical lines hanging between power poles either around town or out along the highway. That sag is CRUCIAL! It is specifically designed to keep you safe, to keep that line working, and keep those power pole structures from toppling over in all kinds of environments and weather. So here’s a cheers to sag, you droopy old dangle you, and all the amazing things it does to keep the lights on and your family safe.

There's an incredible behind the curtain team of people, machines, equipment, controls, materials, maintenance, and care that go into the energy that makes it to you safely every second of every day. Be kind to those you meet who work on YOUR power!

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