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Vigilant Warriors

Let's talk about power! Do you really know how that light next to you or the phone charger by your bedside "gets the juice"?


As I sit here in the Southeastern United States with a huge line of powerful storms moving from West to East, thunderstorms currently crashing outside, and wind blowing the street lights outside the window like rag dolls, my first thoughts are with everyone as they hunker down and work to keep safe. These storms are dangerous, fast, and can be very unpredictable.

My second thoughts are for the utility crews, linemen, and operators. These legends are currently prepping, kitting up, packing for who knows how long, and standing at the ready for the moment the phone rings. They know these storms mean outages, chaos, and destruction….and yet they still go once more into the breach. They understand that downed lines mean two major things: 1) the situation is not safe for you and me and they can make it safe and 2) we need power for lights, heat, and equipment that could save peoples lives.

Stay safe out there ya’ll and thank you to our utility legends for all you do, especially in the toughest of environments!


There's an incredible behind the curtain team of people, machines, equipment, controls, materials, maintenance, and care that go into the energy that makes it to you safely every second of every day. Be kind to those you meet who work on YOUR power!

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